Identity Guard and Credit Karma Duke It Out

While there are a number of different monitoring services to choose from, a side-by-side comparison shows that in all areas, IdentityGuard is a better credit monitoring service than Credit Karma. Whether you're looking for a simple credit report, or want a more in-depth product that covers credit monitoring that decision is up to you.

Sometimes, checking up on credit health can be like managing weight: People only start to care after it's already become a problem. It doesn't have to be this way. Taking preventative measures using a credit monitoring service will ensure that threats to identity and financial health online will never stand in the way of achieving an individual's dreams.

1. Credit Report Card

While Credit Karma provides a free credit score and debt management advice, IdentityGuard takes more of a big picture view to a person?s financial and credit health. IdentityGuard can check credit scores from all 3 bureaus, and goes one step further to provide public record and identity reports as well.

2. Credit Monitoring

The Credit Karma online credit monitoring resources are manual, meaning that the user has to log in whenever they remember to check their credit and financial health. IdentityGuard also allows for on-demand credit report viewing, but takes its own initiative to monitor a user?s credit daily. They notify users if there are any noticeable deviations in their credit scores, and depending on the plan, can send monthly credit reports as well.

3. Identity Protection

Credit Karma provides no identity protection services. IdentityGuard monitors a person's name, social security number, and public record. IdentityGuard allows users to sign up for notifications when their identity is used for a service or activity that seems out of the ordinary. IdentityGuard users can also sign up for quarterly public record updates, depending on the plan. Lastly, IdentityGuard provides users with computer protection software, keystroke encryption software, and ID Vault password protection software, depending on the plan.

4. Identity Theft Loss Insurance

Credit Karma does not provide any means of identity theft loss insurance. IdentityGuard provides lost wallet protection, person-to-person victim assistance to recommend the next steps a user should take in recovering their lost identity and assets, along with up to $1 million in identity theft insurance (the amount varies, depending on the plan).

5. Overall User Experience

It is reassuring to know that when life gets busy, and people don?t have time to micromanage their credit, IdentityGuard has their back. While preventative measures are key, it?s also nice to know that if things go wrong in a person's financials, the user doesn't have to search far for immediate credit help. With IdentityGuard, help finds the user first. Users can even choose between email, text, phone, or app push notification alerts, based on their preferred methods of contact.

The Credit Karma website is reasonably easy to navigate, but offers a lot less information about a person's financial big picture, and no notification services. Considering the Credit Karma services are free, I suppose the user gets exactly what they paid for.



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